CSR Report

Photo: The Den, Tribute Hotel ’s-Hertogenbosch

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CSR Report

Photo: The Den, Tribute Hotel ’s-Hertogenbosch

Investment in the future

You are reading the 2020-2022 CSR report. This report gives an impression of the overall progress we have made, but above all it provides insight into how we can continue to improve. To improve in terms of people, planet and profit: CSR Report download

Annex: Carbon Footprint 2020


We are hugely proud of our employees. Without all of these colleagues, our organisation would cease to exist. Byldis employees are loyal and have a heart for the company. This is reflected in an organisation that is characterised by professionalism and a ‘no-nonsense’ culture. It is important to us that people can enjoy working at Byldis, in a safe environment.


Byldis realises sustainable and innovative construction solutions. Together with our customers and partners, we always strive to improve. As such, we focus on minimising our ecological footprint. Through limiting our energy consumption and waste production, for example, and looking into the possibilities of using replacement raw materials. Circularity in construction materials and building components therefore forms an integral part of our vision for the future.


We try to find a good balance between sustainable entrepreneurship and healthy financial results. We do this by setting goals for various topics that are important to us. We work continuously on improvement within these topics.

And finally. Corporate social responsibility cannot be achieved alone. We all make this possible, and Byldis is happy to make an important contribution.

Introduction Code of Business Conduct

The Byldis management board created this document to form the basis of our business code which suits the products, services and markets Byldis is involved in. This code of conduct provides our employees with a 'tool' they can use to act in the spirit we feel is important: conduct business in an open and fair manner.

Our updated Code of Business Conduct sets out clear guidelines on how we should live by these standards, so that we protect our integrity and continue to do business in a responsible way; putting business ethics at the forefront of our dealings with customers, suppliers and the communities which we serve; treating all our people with respect and embracing our responsibilities in the areas of health, safety and the environment. The Code is intended to serve as a statement of good practice; it is not exhaustive and may be supplemented by more detailed policies and procedures.

Code of Business Conduct

Jacco van Dijk
CEO Byldis B.V.
September 2022