De Zalmhaven

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De Zalmhaven

Building on at De Zalmhaven

Despite COVID-19, BAM and her partners - including Byldis - continued working on De Zalmhaven project in Rotterdam. We have now reached a tempo of one storey per week and are currently building the 15th floor!

De Zalmhaven in Rotterdam

The 215-meter high Zalmhaven I in Rotterdam, near the Erasmusbrug, is being built entirely of precast elements. The tower will have no less than 452 apartments and penthouses, 33 mansions, a car park, offices, commercial spaces, a roof garden and a restaurant with a view over the impressive skyline of Rotterdam.

One storey per week

We have now reached a tempo of one storey per week. The use of a hoisting platform instead of a traditional tower crane means that construction can continue all year long, without too much hindrance from weather conditions.
We are currently working on the 15th floor, which means that 10 storeys have already been assembled.


Our contribution

For De Zalmhaven I, Byldis is supplying the precast internal walls, stairs and landings from the ground floor up to the 4th floor to BAM Bouw en Techniek. We are supplying and installing all the precast elements (including floors) from the 5th up to the 53rd floors and we are supplying the internal walls, columns, stairs and landings from the 53rd to the 58th floors. The frames of the mid-rise and the curtain walls for the plinth are also being produced and installed by Byldis.


Curious about the De Zalmhaven project? You can find more information in the showcase on our website.


Photo The Zalmhaven (header) by Eric Offereins