"Together we can beat muscular disease in children!"

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"Together we can beat muscular disease in children!"

Byldis main sponsor Trap voor Trap (Step by Step)!

Climbing stairs is not a challenge for most of us, but around 20,000 children in the Netherlands suffer from a muscular disease. That is more than a half-filled Philips Stadium. These children cannot take it for granted that their muscles work properly. The impact of a muscular disease on a child, their family and the surroundings is enormous. And yet it is precisely these children that remain optimistic. For them, having a muscular disease is comparable to top sport. They have to have unbelievable mental strength and grab every chance to get better. Time and time again.

This is why Spieren voor Spieren is organising Trap voor Trap (Step by Step) in 2021 in the Philips Stadion in Eindhoven; an event where we can experience for ourselves just how much mental and physical strength is needed to achieve success step by step. With the football stadium as backdrop. The course runs over the stands, but also through the PSV changing rooms!

Why we participate?

It actually all started last year with several colleagues who wanted to actively take part in sporting activities together. By giving substance to this in a meaningful way, and thus by linking the sporting activity to a charity, it became win-win! So, last year over 45 colleagues and numerous Byldis supporters took part in a local charity run; the Run for KiKa Eindhoven. In the six months leading up to the run, these colleagues trained together several times so that everyone was well-prepared for the challenge.

But we aren’t just sporty ourselves, we also get other people involved, because sport connects people. As such, we became a sponsor last year for the regional cycling club Het Snelle Wiel. A modern association with a wide-reaching social commitment that enables so many cyclists, both young and old, to enjoy the cycling experience.

And this year we have become the main sponsor of this great initiative Spieren voor Spieren, to beat all muscular disease in children. Alongside the sportive contributions of the colleagues and their family members, everyone has done their best to collect donations for Spieren voor Spieren, so that it really became a successful activity that we hope has contributed in a small way to defeating muscular disease in children.

Register or donate?

Go to www.trapvoortrap.com/team/byldis. We hope that as many Byldis colleagues as possible will join in and that we will receive enough donations on our team page to beat all muscular diseases in children! Will you help?

"Together we can beat muscular disease in children!"

Byldis video Spieren voor Spieren event: Trap voor Trap (Step by Step):

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Video message from Jeroen Zoet (keeper PSV and ambassador Spieren voor Spieren) to Byldis:

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Date to be determined.
We are going to be stepping up in the Philips Stadium! A unique trail through the stadium that takes us up and down stairs and into places normally reserved only for the players. Over the stands and through the changing rooms of PSV and their opponents. We expect you will already be wearing your sports kit when you arrive at the stadium. You can bring your own supporters who can zit in the stands as you step past!

The exact programme is yet to be confirmed, but we will probably start at around 13:00. At around 16:00 we will be able to present a cheque with the total amount we have raised together! You will receive a mail in the week preceding the event with an idea of the starting time and more details about how and where to register


There is a suitable route for everyone:

  • Light / Kids (approx. 15/20 minutes),
  • Normal (approx. 30/35 minutes),
  • Heavy (approx. 45 minutes).

You can decide on the day which of the routes you want to take. It’s not a race and safety comes first. For example, you can also walk up and down the steps. And if your chosen route is not challenging enough, you can complete it twice!

Why is climbing stairs healthy?

‘Take the stairs a bit more often’, is health advice we’ve all heard. But why exactly is climbing stairs so good for body and soul? And is climbing stairs really healthy?

Epidemiologist Mireille van Poppel (EMGO institute, VU) says it is, especially for people who spend a lot of time sitting down: “There is a theory that states that the duration of inactivity, the length of time spent sitting down, has a significant effect on a person’s health. Studies show that health deteriorates in people who spend the whole day seated. The longer they spend sitting, the worse their health. It is worst if the periods of sitting down are not interrupted by some kind of movement.” So, up stairs and down stairs. But this is all still theoretical. Research still has to provide conclusive evidence. Read the whole article.

We’re participating in Trap voor Trap (Step by Step)!

You too? www.trapvoortrap.com/team/byldis