N2 Mixing Station in Zuidbroek

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N2 Mixing Station in Zuidbroek

Byldis supplies precast elements for N2 Mixing Station

The project: N2 Mixing Station

With the aim of reducing gas extraction in Groningen as quickly as possible, initially to a level of 12 billion m3 of natural gas per year, the expansion of the nitrogen plant at Zuidbroek is a necessary measure. More and more natural gas will be imported in the coming years. The main reason for this is that the production of natural gas in the Groningen area must ultimately be reduced to zero according to ministerial decision. Imported natural gas has a higher caloric value (H-gas) than Groningen gas (G-gas) that is used in Dutch homes, among others. The imported H-gas must be converted to G-gas, or so-called pseudo G-gas in order to be used in the Netherlands. The expansion means that a reduction of around 7 billion m3 of Groningen gas can be achieved per year (in a cold year).

This requires a mixing station before the gas can be transported through the Netherlands. In the mixing station, the H-gas is mixed with nitrogen. The current nitrogen production capacity is insufficient to continue supplying the Netherlands with enough gas after 2021.

The station covers an area of approx. 12 hectares and will have a capacity of 180,000 m3 nitrogen per hour. This capacity is over 10 times greater than the existing station in Zuidbroek.
It is expected that the installation will be put in to use early in 2022.

Why was Byldis chosen?

We made adjustments to the production process for the N2 Mixing Station project in Zuidbroek. For example, we used multiple moulds which meant that, in a relatively short space of time, production levels could be achieved, delivering significant benefits for our customer. Another aspect was that Byldis has, and can deliver, the necessary knowledge, expertise and quality.

A sandwich facade element ready for transport.

A sandwich facade element ready for transport.

Challenges & solutions

Production must take place in a relatively short space of time, in the second quarter of 2020. This can be achieved by using multiple moulds in the production process and a two-day cycle.

Element size
The elements will be transported horizontally (sideways) due to their height of almost 7 meters (6730 mm). This means that the elements can be fitted in one go, from floor to roof.

Facts & figures

Sandwich elements will be produced for five buildings, with masonry outer shells. For the other building we will produce sandwich elements with both concrete inner and outer shells.

Each building has prefabricated (3D) number plates, which are produced in the sandwich elements.

 The project

 Nitrogen installation

 Byldis contribution

  •  engineering
  • complete prefab sandwich elements

 Scope of project

 3100 m2, elements for 6 different buildings

 Byldis expertise involved

 Engineering, Prefab


 Visser & Smit Bouw B.V.


 Wieman Architecten in collaboration with Pieters Bouwkunde

 Start production Byldis

 March 2020

 Start assembly

 June 2020

 Expected completion Byldis

 October 2020

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