Working in a world with endless opportunities

Making the impossible possible. That is what we do. That is what we love. That is Byldis. We do this with a proud company, full of innovators. With skilful thinkers and clever doers. Perfectionists who are focused on the smallest details. People who work on defining landmarks and determining our capitals’ horizons. We change the world inside out, because we believe in making things better. Day in, day out.


Our motive? Change. We stand for a new reality. A perfect reality, that contains high-end prefab components. Innovative concepts which enable us to deliver a project in half the normal construction time. Custom-made. This is a promise we keep. Our own formula is the foundation of our success.

Honesty, loyalty and southern hospitality

Typical traits for Brabant and for Byldis. With these qualities and characteristics, we lift building to a higher level. We stay connected to our customers: ground breaking clients with the courage to do things differently.

Complex issues

Bring out the best in us. We unite engineering, production and assembly in one industrial, overall concept. That’s how we ensure predictable building and a great end result. It’s simple: Byldis defines the norm in industrial building.


"Smart building. Predictable building. Iconic building."
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