We are Byldis

Photo: factory Byldis, Veldhoven

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We are Byldis

Photo: factory Byldis, Veldhoven

Byldis is changing the construction world as a market leader in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). Byldis offer an off-site alternative to traditional construction methods within the European midrise and highrise construction segment. This is the result of over 50 years of experience in engineering, precast concrete and facade technology.

We are Byldis

Together with more than 400 professional colleagues, we work extremely hard on innovative construction solutions. From the initial request and design through manufacture and assembly in one of our factories, to installation at the construction site. We aim to half the construction programme of traditional construction! We are keen to get involved at an early stage of your project, so that you get the most out of our work and our solutions.

Building a changing world

We used to be part of the Hurks group, but our ground-breaking vision demanded more. Since 2018 we have been Byldis, implementing our lofty ambitions and fine tuning our offering. And with success! We are a market leader in integral assembly solutions for the mid and high-rise sector in Northwest Europe. We do this as a proud company, full of innovators and change-makers. Engineers and facade builders. Structural designers focused on the smallest details. Professionals with over 50-years’ experience in engineering, precast concrete and facade technology.

Dutch born and bred

We are Dutch born and bred but operate across Europe, predominantly in the UK, Holland, Belgium, the Nordics and Germany. Our head office, engineering, precast concrete factories and facade facility are near Eindhoven in The Netherlands. We design, manufacture and install various types of precast concrete buildings with our off-site solution from the more regular towers of 50m to 120m tall, up to the so called ‘specials’; buildings beyond the magical border of 200m tall, with a special natural stone outer leaf or with a complex silhouette. From hotels and prisons, from apartment buildings and offices to hospitals and government buildings. We have been working in the UK since 2006 and have delivered circa 4500 residential apartments in London making up some of the largest off-site built developments in Europe! Our UK office is in London and we are happy to look at projects across the UK and Ireland.

We are a Dutch company with a strong DNA. The Byldis DNA can best be described using our core values: collaboration, entrepreneurship, professionalism (reliability), leadership.

Our vision

The only way is up!
The world is changing, the market is changing. Our environment is rapidly urbanising while in large cities there is a shortage of living space and workspace. Research commissioned by the National Housing Federation (NHF) and Crisis from Heriot-Watt University identi­fied a need for 340,000 homes each year in England to 2031. This increasing demand with limited space drives the need for greater density and taller buildings. The only way is up! Construction is facing a number of challenges including more constrained construc­tion sites, ever tightening Building Regs and a shor­tage of labour. By using off-site solutions you take the majority of the construction work away from the site and into quality controlled factories. We aim to work with Developers and Main Contractors to develop an alternative to the on-site.

The new way of building
Due to these developments, there is an incre­ased need for large-scale building projects and this requires a more predictable form of construction. A new generation of contractors and developers are looking for a more cooperative model as partners. New technologies enable enti­rely new building methods.

We expect that this transiti­on will accelerate in the coming years. We call the result of this transition ‘The new way of building’.

The Brown Paper - Byldis Strategy 

"We are Byldis" what does this mean? Where are we (status quo), where do we want to go (vision) and what steps do we take to bridge this 'gap' (strategy)? We made this visual by means of a drawing ('The Brown Paper') with a textual explanation.

The only way is up..

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This is our most important driving force. Because we engineer the new reality in the sector with high-quality, precast components, engineered, produced and assembled on our premises and fitted on site. And with our innovative total concept we deliver projects up to 50% faster than with traditional construction methods. Custom made and delivered on time. Within the agreed price with the quality you expect. This forms the foundation of our success. And these are not just empty words. Take a look at some examples of our work.

"Smart building. Predictable building. Iconic building."

Honesty, loyalty and Brabant friendliness

This is what characterises our culture. With all these qualities together, we elevate construction to a higher level. As such, we stay connected to our customers: ground-breaking clients with the courage to do things differently. A company you want to be part of. As employee and as customer.

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In summary

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