Byldis builds

We work hard to make the impossible possible. Buildings are never built in one day. At Byldis we try to build as quickly as possible. The only way to do this is by offering one complete concept. Building with Byldis means building together and at the right price. We advise, construct and realize. That’s how we build and it’s a method to be proud of.


On time efficiency

Building a new building is exciting. It’s our job to make sure we have a good process and a great end product. We deliver on time with a precision you can only expect from perfectionists. All thanks to our working method, the overall concept, that enables us to work efficiently and thoroughly. This means our clients can enjoy the creation of their building, while we take away their worries.

The city’s highlights

Our buildings are the highlights of the city, often the highest point of the skyline. They break records as the most sustainable, efficient or extraordinary building. Every construction is a new mixture of different techniques, which makes every building unique.

Sociability is in our roots

The roots of Byldis are in North-Brabant, a province in the south of the Netherlands where cosiness is the main characteristic. ‘Gezellig’ is what it’s called in Dutch, and it’s hard to translate. It is something you need to feel. After finishing a construction, we don’t want to pack our bags and be on our way. We want to stand on the roof and raise our glasses with our co-workers, partners and above all our clients. To toast a project being completed and new ones to come.

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