BIM blog - Stefan Kauffeld

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BIM blog - Stefan Kauffeld

In this "BIM blog", Stefan Kauffeld talks about his work as an informationmanager at Byldis. As well as a passion for his work, he also loves describing his observations. 

First months at Byldis

BIM blog #1 - February 20 2020

Stefan tells us about his first months at Byldis.

A story about: "nice and knowledgeable colleagues, a TOP-NOTCH Byldis product in Prefab & Facades and a manufacturing environment where I can directly enter the process when I need it."

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About what he loves about his job 

BIM blog #2 - March 19 2021

Those days that the most unlikely surprises everyone!

This is not a post about our Tekla engineering, the fabrication of our great products or the amazing projects we work on! That will come soon again.

This post is about recognition, admiration of your colleagues for the work they do with passion and expertise, and above all being kind. It doesn't matter what position you are in or where you come from. If you respect each other and are also interested in the person and their work, then horizons open up. Only then, can the unlikely become possible!

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