Picuskade in Eindhoven

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Picuskade in Eindhoven

Completion of PicusKade

Byldis Facades has already completed work on PicusKade in Eindhoven. The new owners and tenants have already moved in!


The Picus terrain used to be part of the industrial area along the Eindhoven Canal. The first DAF factories were built here, and it was the first industrial area in Eindhoven. The first Picus factories were founded here from 1883. Cigar boxes and later also other wooden products such as furniture were manufactured here. The last wood working factory moved out of the area in 1993.

The plan includes a total of 248 homes (for sale and rent). It has 113 rental apartments for the private sector and a car park for residents. The expansion of the DAF Museum alongside the canal is also included in the plan. 

What have we done?

In total, Byldis Facades has supplied around 3800 m² of aluminium facades for the residential buildings of PicusKade. A variety of profiles have been used in different facades.
The inner-city location (right in the heart of Eindhoven) and limited space for logistics on the construction site were real challenges for us during this project. But we have ultimately been able to successfully complete our work!

Architect: diederendirrix architectuur & stedenbouw / bureauEAU

More information on this project: www.picuskade.nl

Artist impression header: diederendirrix architectuur en stedenbouw