Project update Goodluck Hope 

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Project update Goodluck Hope 

Today's update on Goodluck Hope in London

Block F (the building on the left on the photo) is ready with all precast panels and nearly finished with plant screen on roof level. Block D (the building in the middle on the photo, with banner) is ready with all precast panels. We are busy with plant screen on roof level Block B (the building on the right on the photo) is still going strong, we will finish level 11 before Christmas. In 2021 we will do every level in 6 days!

Goodluck Hope is a new neighbourhood consisting of 804 homes along the River Thames in London, on the historic Leamouth peninsula. Various apartment complexes are being built here. The name Goodluck Hope has its origins in the history of this part of London. There are records of ships docking here to unload their goods in 1297. Tea, spices, indigo, silk and Persian carpets were stored here in warehouses.

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